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At first glance this might seem a very odd statement. How can a person be thankful in all circumstances?

The Grateful Life: The Secret to Happiness, and the Science of Contentment

What if the circumstances are awful or tragic? Society teaches us to be thankful whenever someone has shown us a kind gesture. It is totally reasonable for us to be thankful when people have done something good for us. But Paul does not state any particular set of circumstances for the church to be thankful for, but rather says that the will of God is to be always thankful at all times, no matter what the circumstance.

How did Paul come to such an understanding?

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I do not believe that Paul said this frivolously or just as a way of being socially polite. I firmly believe, just as Paul did, that to deeply grasp the grace of God is to inevitably live a life of gratitude.

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Gratitude is the unavoidable attitude of a person who has experienced the grace of God in his or her life. But if we think that we deserve many of the things that we have because we have worked for it or that it is our right to have it, then there is no reason to be thankful, because we have earned it. It is not possible for anybody to be thankful for something they believe is rightfully theirs.

Grateful Life Center

Whether the particular situation is big or small in our eyes becomes irrelevant, what becomes important is to recognise that the grace of God is always present. They are healthier and less stressed. This book contains inspiring stories about those who practice gratitude as a spiritual practice to rise out of adversity to new life, and it will also show how grateful living is central to the good life and to attracting abundance.

Taking the concept of Living Life as a Thank You to the next level, The Grateful Life includes absorbing and transformative stories from the frontlines of real people, who unveil the secret to achieving success — big and small in life. She is grateful to be welcomed into the lives of those she writes about who are experiencing the ups and downs of handling life, parenting, and caregiving.

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