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I wouldn't have it any other way! I've dabbled in other things to get by on occasion, or just to try different things, but I'm proud to say I am a happy survivor of being dedicated to my art and craft, and that journey has led me to this fulfilling state of being that I'm in now in my sixth decade as a human being on this incredible planet Earth.

I am happy, yet I am still inspired to continue to create and play my best. You are invited to join me on the remaining legs of my journey my friends!

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I hope you will find joy and satisfaction just as I have! For me there is nothing like playing live music, exploring and relishing the connection with the audience, feeling the flow of energy in the room, finding "The Zone," and just being in the moment discovering new things while exploring the simple and the complex alike through creative composition, interpretation, improvisation, and seeking the moments when I can just let it happen!

Painting abstract art is an exploration of finding the magic of combining elements of color and form and flow and balance in collaboration between my intuition and personal sensibilities with my purest impression of what a painting seems to "want to be.

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