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The eldest son usually became the next Laird and the keeper of the old stories, although a few tales are lost to us. The glen outside is where the MacGreagors and the MacClurgs joined clans. How many are left in the MacGreagor Clan these days? Not many, leastwise not many still in Scotland. He walked back to his chair, sat down, put the sword across his lap and took another sip of his wine. You have not heard this story, I wager. Cameron set his drink down and carefully began to untie the rotting leather strings that held the sheath to the handle.

I was nearly thirteen when I first took notice of the weapons. This one is lost. I shall ask Hannish, he will remember. My uncle had but six daughters and no sons, so all of this passed to Hannish and then to me. I have many fond memories of him and of my parents before they were killed in the head-on train crash. Perhaps someday, when this heart of mine has healed, I shall have only fond memories of Flora. Once more, Lord Bayington thought it best to change the subject. Is there more to the story about this sword? There is. At one point, the Kennedy clan thought to fight the MacGreagors for it, but that came later.

It was she, who found this glen, yet there was no way to tell the clan where she was, except to let strangers see the sword.

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It worked. Word of it spread across Scotland in record time. Finally finished untying the straps, Cameron carefully began to slide the sheath off the sword. The golden blade instantly caught the firelight and brilliantly glistened. Do you mean to tell me, the duchess lived here for three years and did not discover it? Edward roared with laughter. I can believe that. What a fine joke.

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There is nothing that woman likes more than gold. He thought it odd at the time, folded it, put it back in the envelope, tossed it on his writing desk, and promptly forgot about it. His property was forever in need of improvement, which was made somewhat easier with the use of new and better equipment the world seemed to be turning out at record speed. His loom building and repair business continued to grow, as did the cotton mills that needed the looms, and that too kept him busy.

For months, he had kept certain information from a friend and felt guilty for doing it.

He originally built it for his duchess, and had white marble shipped from high in the mountains to construct a foyer like no other. The all-white room on the northern end of the mansion had a high ceiling with large blocks of white marble on the floor.

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Fresh flowers in marble vases sat on a long, narrow, marble table in the center of the room. Marble slab window seats had been placed just under the sills of tall windows that let in plenty of light, and a colorful tapestry depicting a Scottish Border Collie and her five pups hung on one wall. Everyone loved the room Wisely, he got rid of the duchess and kept the foyer. Now he lived happily with his wife, Leesil, his son, Justin and his sister-in-law, Cathleen, in a mansion with three floors, several servants and an overabundance of rooms, including a library, a billiard room and even a ballroom.

Each room had something made of white marble in it. The grounds were expansive as well, with a large front and an equally large backyard. Four married couples lived in cottages that bordered the backyard. Not far away, a large shed protected the buggy from the weather and wagons waited to be put to use.

Beyond the shed was a corral and ample pasturelands for the horses. The newest addition, not counting the vegetable and flower gardens, was a swing attached to the limb of a very large Bur Oak tree. Hannish looked a lot like Cameron, and had the same large build, wavy dark hair and blue eyes. He barely waited for his brother to answer before he blurted it out.

The duchess has a daughter. Hannish waited, but there was no reply on the other end. Cameron, are you there? I see. Seated at his writing desk, Cameron paused to collect his thoughts. Edward must not know about her. He has four sons, but he has never mentioned a daughter. I dinna see how.

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Dugan says the lassie looks just like her mother. She must be five or six by now. Should I tell Lord Bayington? I agree, but what about the child? She is well cared for and no doubt believes Sinclair is her father. Where is the duchess? It was postmarked San Francisco. Hannish shook his head even though his brother could not see. The burden is mine, I will call him. Perhaps I might soften the blow with a bit of brandy.

Very well then. Brother, perhaps you should visit Mr. Sinclair first and see the child for yourself. Dugan might be mistaken. I will, if you think it best. Yet, I might frighten Mr. Sinclair away. He could hide the child and we might never find her. A point well taken. The threat of exposing her secret was how Dugan convinced the duchess to take the bribe and run off.

I wake every morning and I go to bed at night, but the loneliness is unthinkable. I could fill the place with people if I thought it would help, but none of them would be Flora. I doubt my wife and Cathleen would forgive you if you dinna bring him. Having two first names always seemed to confuse people, and when he and his cousin, Shepard, left Pennsylvania for the gold mines of Colorado, everyone assumed his first name was Keith. He just never bothered to correct anyone. Underground mining for gold turned out to be a little too confining for the cousins, who both suffered a touch of claustrophobia.

He was happy with the Goodwins, but their children were grown, there was little to keep him busy and he missed all the goings-on at Marblestone. With so many people living in Marblestone Mansion, there was always something fun happening and plenty of people to talk to. The Goodwins lived on a corner in downtown Colorado Springs, and when Keith spotted Margaret Ann and her son in the park across the street, he asked and was granted a few minutes away from his duties to visit with his old friend.

He grabbed his hat, crossed the cobblestone street and quickly caught up with her. Miss Margaret Ann, how are you? As always, her smile seemed to light up the whole world.

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Margaret Ann had light blonde hair, green eyes and long eyelashes. She wore a simple white, long sleeve blouse with an ordinary blue Gibson Girl skirt. Keith, how nice to see you again. I came to see Miss McKenna, but she has gone shopping, so William and I decided to take a walk in the park while we wait for her. What are you doing here? She liked Keith a little more than she let on when they lived in the same mansion, and she was pleased to see him. Hoping for a scandal, are you?

He lifted his hat off his curly, dark brown hair and playfully bowed. If you please. Little William pulled until Margaret Ann let go of his hand, and soon the toddler began to chase a butterfly, going as fast as his little legs would go. Already, the summer sun was warming the crisp, fresh air. Nearby, benches offered places to sit alongside the lush green grass and soon, town gatherings would encourage dancing on the smooth cement in front of a pavilion, where musicians provided lively music.

Occasionally, the town mayor made a speech, but he was usually ignored. And a lot more. Someone taught him how to water the grass I do not blame them.

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Still smiling, he put his hat back on. What else are the MacGreagors up to these days? He was glad to see Margaret Ann had a healthier glow about her than she did when he first saw her. Back then, she worked at the Antlers Hotel as a laundry maid. Convinced she could no longer care for her baby, she walked all the way from town to Marblestone Mansion with her infant son in her arms. Desperate, she was prepared to give her child to the one man in the world she trusted most — Hannish MacGreagor.

Instead, the MacGreagors took them both in and gave her a position with them. Well, let me see, she started. The new telephone desk sets finally arrived and Mr. They are a great convenience. We have them now, too. There are so many new inventions; one must wonder what they will think of next? Keith smiled, remembering the first time he saw the stowaway when the Scots arrived in Colorado.

Prescot and Millie went to live with Miss McKenna and the judge, but then you already know that. It is different at Marblestone without Miss McKenna, but she seems happy. Dugan and his wife, Beverly, moved into the empty cottage in the back. Presently, she is nanny to baby Justin and she is very good with him. Beverly is a teacher and is eager to teach William his letters and numbers after he learns to talk better. Oh, and since Prescot lives in town now, the quartet goes there to practice.

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I miss hearing them practice. They have already been asked to sing at three events and summer is just beginning. Our mayor has declared that we should have as many celebrations as possible this summer. He says it is good for business. He is wonderful. They named him Justin, after an ancient laird. Hannish carries his son around pretending to check on this or that, but we are not fooled. He will use any excuse to carry his son around. Popular Features. New Releases. Categories: Historical Romance Historical Romance.

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