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I love mixing it up a bit sometimes. Nancy, I love all your projects. Love the blue! I am always stepping outside the box! Thanks so much Cindy! I actually used 2 stencils to create this design. The stencil is blue plastic in color though. Hope that helps! This turned out great and I love how real you are in your post. Sometimes achieving the look we want has its trials and tribulations, haha.

Thanks Katie! Most of my pieces come together with much trial and tribulations. The blue looks so pretty with the white woodwork and wood floors. I bet you keep itlike this a long time. Thank you Lynn! Yes, I do love the contrast of those colors against the new white woodwork. And a great tutorial as well! Feel free to share this on my blog. Oh, and I started following you. Lots of beautiful projects!

Love the changes Nancy — it turned out fabulous! Thank you Vanessa : This shade is so lovely in person. Thanks so much for stopping by! Turned out gorgeous, Nancy…. Thank you so much Amy! Stunning, stunning, and more stunning! Can I ask a dumb question? LOVE the effect it creates, though! Have a wonderful weekend, Miss Nancy! Thanks friend! Dry brushing is just that…using a dry paint brush and putting just a very light touch of paint on the bristles. Then lightly painting it onto your piece.

Did you do any prep before you painted it with the chalk paint?

Why I Don’t Use Chalk Paint

I have always heard red was one of the hardest color to paint over. I just purchased an old dark red cupboard and if the color does not work out I will want to repaint it with chalk paint. What do you suggest? Hi Susan! I think you will be fine if you want to repaint it! What a transformation, looks lovely! The AS paint really does go a long way. You could create this look with a latex or milk paint though! It is beautiful!

I love your positive attitude.


Whenever I have to re-do projects, I often want to throw it away or rip it apart. Your patience is wonderful. OH thank you Debbie! I will be the first to admit that I have done my fair share of re-dos of first time fails!

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Came across this on pinterest, and I have the same exact armoire! I have been hesitant to paint it, but this post has given me some serious motivation! Hi Marybeth! Oh yes, do! I think you will love it painted. Mine sat unpainted for years…. So I came online looking for my next step and found your site. I already have a similar stencil which I had bought and never used, so your project is just perfect timing for me. My question-what kind of wax do you use to give it that depth? Brand and color please. Thanks so much. It is not really what gave this particular piece the depth however.

It was the 3 paint technique that I did mostly, the dark wax added a bit. I used several shades of the same color lightened and darkened and applied all three to give the piece dimension. SO much better in blue. Thanks Lizzy!! I got on a red kick around that time. Just one statement piece but even that was too much.

Bold it was. Love this post! And, yes, BLUE! Love how the red came out just a bit from the distressing, but then the natural shows through, too! Blue is the best!!

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Happy weekend to you Julie! LOVE it! You must have a lot of patience. I always want my paint dry NOW so I can continue working on it. Thanks Robyn! I do have a dedicated hair dryer … for paint! When Obama picked Louisville to make the final last year as a top seed, the first measure scored that as a big pro-Louisville preference, since the average No.

But the second measure detected a presidential slant against Louisville, since the Cardinals won the title. Conversely, Obama looks like a Washington, D. But his picks proved optimistic when the teams underperformed their seeds by a big margin. I now had a set of over teams, each one with two scores indicating whether Obama was hard or easy on each team.

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My first test: Was Obama backing the states that were most supportive of him, or — for his first bracket — the prior Democratic presidential candidate, John Kerry in ? Or, instead, was he throwing some love to the states that were most supportive of Republican candidates, hoping to sway their hoops-mad voters into his camp?

Neither, best I can tell. For each year, I took the most recent presidential election data 6 and subtracted the percentage of votes going to the Republican from the percentage received by the Democrat, then normalized the results. And I found no relationship whatsoever. The story repeats for other political indicators that might have steered his picks: whether states were swing states, 8 and the probability that a single voter in that state — perhaps a fan of a team Obama could pick for the Final Four — could swing the presidential election.

He was especially downbeat about the chances of teams seeded 12 or lower, predicting just eight wins for the group. Some 29 teams seeded that low have combined to win 38 games. Conversely, though nine No. Can we get off the angle of Gary Jennings not scoring a lot of touchdowns despite making a ton of catches? Granted, you want any player to score when he gets the chance, because it eliminates the possibility of a mistake later in a drive that negates a TD opportunity.

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  • But this ceased to be a story a long while ago. There were a couple of reasons that Jennings only scored once in Some of it was just luck or happenstance. He caught several passes and made runs inside the ten- and five-yard lines, but came up just short of the goal line. He makes those plays all the time. Both teams will be looking to improve on their abilities to lock games away in the fourth quarter.

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