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The eighth book in the addicting Madison Avenue, is now live. Read Accidentally in Love by Katy Ames today! Add on Goodreads. About Accidentally in Love. I know I can make you blush. Laughter, hijinks, adventure. Sweet heaven, the passion. The problem with this fabulous life? The bestie who always makes me laugh is thousands of miles away. As for the hunky hero?

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Until the night a bearded stranger does exactly that…. Do the job. Get the bad guy. Go home. Those are the rules.

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And they work. Even better, they give me the perfect excuse to keep my distance. The perfect escape from getting burned again. That is, until the night I surprise us both by kicking down her apartment door.

Rules or no rules, it's true that After all, Madison Avenue is the perfect place to fall in love. Copyright Katy Ames. One bold eyebrow lifts in question. Pushing out of his grasp, I whip the hat off my head, breathing in relief as cool air hits my skull. The first eyebrow drops, followed by the other. Green eyes turn sharp, primitive, before brightening. A roar of laughter erupts from his chest.

When he stops, his chest is heaving as hard as mine.

by Mark Twain

One last chuckle escapes when he clocks my annoyed expression. You should be proud. That alone should make up for giving yourself away. Besides, it was a good effort. For a first timer. When you scraped that thing against the wall. He slows his pace without glancing back, his strides shortening until I catch up. Another step and another wince, and Gavin mutters something under his breath before lifting me off my feet. My own smirk turns to a shriek when he throws me over his shoulder and swats my butt before continuing down the hall.

Consider it punishment for ignoring my warnings about staying away. Review: We've reached Book 8 in the Madison series and I'm so sad that this series is going to be. I've loved it so much.

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Arya and Gavin might be one of my favorite couples from this series. There romance was steamy and. It was a great afternoon read. Quick and fun! Rating: 5 flowers. About Katy Ames:. Katy Ames has spent most of her life on the East Coast and hopes to spend more of it in the UK, primarily so she can indulge in her serious plaid obsession.

And she can be persuaded to do almost anything with the promise of bourbon, chocolate, or a nap not necessarily in that order.

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Katy is mom to a small human who has an obscene amount of energy and a blissful ability to ignore swear words, and wife to a man whose reading habits are far too serious. Katy and her family reside in Washington, D. Just ask. Website Facebook Goodreads Amazon Bookbub. About the Madison Series. Welcome to Madison Ave the perfect place to fall in love. Join these authors as they come together, each with a standalone romance for you to enjoy.

Featuring some of readers' favorite tropes: second-chance romance, best friends sibling romance to a good ol' enemies to lovers romance. We've got you covered with a sports romance, a fake relationship and even an ugly duckling or two. Don't forget a brother's best friend and falling for your soul mate. Maybe a little love triangle as well. Each tale offers you something new, something different. Did you miss the first eight books in the series? You can read them here:. The final book in the series is coming soon! Add it to your Goodreads shelf today! Sightseeing in Manhattan by C.

A Soul MateRomance. This release event is brought to you by Forever Write PR - Forever your source for all your writing needs. Brought to you by Forever Write PR. Title: Sweet Talk. Author: Ashley Hastings. Word Count: 60K. Casey is all work and no play. Too bad all he wants to do is sample her sweet treats.

Pre-Order on Amazon! Add to Goodreads Now! She intends to build all the doors. This sales blitz is brought to you by Forever Write PR. For more information, visit our Facebook page! Author: Michele PW. Published: June 26th, Publisher: Love-Based Publishing. Series: Secrets of Redemption, book 3. And just like before, the finger is pointed at Becca. Someone is following her. Sneaking into her house. Planting evidence to make her look guilty.

The problem is, she has no idea why. The bigger problem is, no one believes her. And time is running out. Add to Goodreads Here! Fans of psychological thrillers, romantic suspense, and mystery novels will devour the twisty and addicting series. Grab your copies today! Also, available in Kindle Unlimited!

Copyright Michele PW I spilled my wine.

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The last thing I needed was more wine. Saracens and Sheikhs: Romance in Context. Geographies of Fantasy: Exploring the Romance East. Romancing the Abduction Motif. Romance in the East: Conclusions. Back Matter Pages About this book Introduction This book, the first full-length cross-period comparison of medieval and modern literature, offers cutting edge research into the textual and cultural legacy of the Middle Ages: a significant and growing area of scholarship.

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