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12 Expressions of TIME in English

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The present – permanent

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October 28, At the party, she took advantage of the chance to meet new people. She always says yes. The insurance company totally took advantage of us. Now we have nothing!

10 English Language Idioms about Friendship and Relationships

He just takes over the whole meeting and no one gets the chance to speak. This job has completely taken over my life. I should quit. Can you take part in the meeting please, Clive? Madness, right? Examples: My husband and I take turns to cook. We took turns looking through the telescope. Notice that this one is usually passive like most crime vocabulary.

Time flies

He had no idea of why he was taken into custody. You really look like you should take a holiday. After beating Italy, the Spanish team were ready to take on Brazil in the final. You can take your time with it. Take the time to do something This means to put aside time to do something in particular. He asks me to read his stories before he puts them online. So I take the time to read his stories and give him suggestions to improve his stories. My time is valuable, but my friendship is more valuable — so I take the time to do this. Take time doing something This simply describes how long something takes.

15 idioms related to time | CourseFinders

Examples: He took four months to write that book. Ella took a lot of time planning that holiday. This phrase is generally used in just one situation. The presenter of a TV show might say it while introducing a band. Or the host of a theatre may say it before the performance starts.