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This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. All Languages. More filters. Sort order. Matt rated it really liked it Dec 08, Charlie Martin rated it liked it Jul 18, Shane Gillett rated it really liked it Nov 06, Ryan Copeland rated it really liked it May 27, David Lewis rated it liked it May 21, Eric rated it it was amazing Jan 21, John Crumpton rated it it was amazing Apr 04, Bclemons rated it really liked it Oct 16, Shane rated it did not like it Aug 26, SamuiTenki rated it liked it Dec 01, Alif Kashif rated it liked it Dec 23, Joe Crowe rated it liked it Jan 02, Gerald M.

Bycroft rated it liked it Jan 04, Daniel rated it liked it Feb 05, Zachary C Zeagler rated it really liked it Jun 10, Andrew Brooks rated it really liked it Mar 16, Alan Loberstein rated it really liked it Jun 11, Trey rated it it was amazing Apr 16, Laura Slate rated it it was amazing Sep 07, Gerard rated it it was amazing Oct 26, Albert rated it really liked it May 19, Slavo rated it really liked it Oct 26, Raymond Jay rated it really liked it Dec 30, Tigerhawk from Primax In some universes where Spittor scans an organic alternate mode, his biological system conforms to female while his Cybertronian gender identity is male.

And, of course, here in Axiom Nexus, Escargon has been known to temporarily alter the genders of contestants on Cybertron's Got Talent. As this technology was largely bootstrapped from Cybertronian designs, perhaps this counts to you? How are some Cybertronians able to consume organic food? A: Dear Gustatory Graduate,.

Some Cybertronians adopt organic modifications, which includes a digestive system. Maximals and Predacons are particularly well suited to such additions. Other Cybertronianns, such as the Insecticons, have been known to adapt themselves to be able to access the chemical energy stored in plant and animal matter. This process isn't all that different from the barbaric practice known as "pink alchemy," employed by some of the more horrific incarnations of the Decepticons.

In the end, energy is energy, be it electrical, chemical, nuclear, gravitational, psychic, magnetic, thermal, temporal, or something truly exotic. Has any Beast War ever been visited by some time traveling children and a Robik? A: Dear Robik Reporter,. I have never encountered a time traveling Robik, and am not entirely sure what one is. Perhaps said Robik was careful not to disturb the timestream. Had damage been done to the timestream, I or one like myself would have been compelled to become involved.

How are Wheelie's parents from Gobotron when he's Cybertronian himself? A: Dear Go-Bot Genealogist? Wheelie, if you recall, is an orphan. Perhaps his parents fled Gobotron as a part of the Diaspora, leading to Wheelie's crash on Quintessa. However, I have not observed such events myself. Are there any Transformers with the Quadwal universal cluster?

A: Dear Quadwal Questioner,. There are countless Transformers in the Quadwal Cluster A: Dear Mammoth Master,. During the Ice Age Wars of that reality, combatants on both sides assumed the forms of mammoths, saber tooth tigers, peccaries, glyptodons, harpagornis, and even more exotic creatures. Do you or the Transtech have any idea how the multiverse came into existence? A: Dear Fledgling Physicist,. In some circles, it is believed that the entirety of the Cybertronian Multiverse can be traced back to a single instance - often dubbed "the Big Bang" by humans.

At this moment in time, the time that time began, a random explosion of homogeneous particles littered a singular, primordial universe with "inflatons". These inflatons spread themselves throughout the void, planting the seeds for matter to form. As the life-span of the inflaton is not one that is long-lived from the quantum perspective that is , the inflatons began to decay, and from the dying inflatons came all the more familiar particles that matter interacts with today.

Importantly, that moment when the first inflatons began to decay and started to form other particles, they also formed a group of particles collectively known as "observers". This is important since the inflatons themselves have neutral quantum vibrations, but begin to vibrate when in proximity to observers. These vibrations then generate a "bubble" effect, and those bubbles begin to inflate and form pocket universes. Some of these universes stay together in the initial cluster, but others begin to bud off and form their own clusters, completely individual from the first.

So according to this theory at some point, the expansion of the multiverse will slow and come to a halt. Another theory is more philosophical. Existence began with The One. The One was existence - harmony and discord, order and chaos all existing in perfect balance in a state without time. It was this way until The One created entity known as Unicron. There are countless more theories as to why it did so.

The One then split Unicron into two and formed Primus. The latter inherited all of the qualities of Order, while the former retained near-every aspect of Chaos. So it was that existence was created outside of The One, and the split that formed Primus split this new existence, forming fragments in the void that would grow to create the many parallel universes in our multiverse. One last theory, as philosophical as the prior, posits that a multiverse was always in existence. Right from the beginning of time, there were already multiple versions of our history.

These versions, much fewer than we know exist now, sat and stewed before a powerful external force - let us name this force "The Forest Leer" as it was the first to see that original untidy thicket of trees and the potential it had to become a mighty and expansive forest - transformed these histories by the sheer will of identifying and classifying them. This spark of creativity was all that was needed to organize what had come before, and to build upon it exponentially until our multiverse became what it is today. Take from these theories what you will.

One may be correct or, somehow, all could have coincided at once. Even in my wisdom and vision of all time and space, I do not have a single interpretation for how time and existence started.

Smashwords Interview

Time travel, by its very nature, requires time in which to travel. Attempting to visit an era without time is futile. Would Optimus Primal be allowed in Axiom Nexus? A: Dear Beast Banishment Boy,. Is there a Transformer that transforms into an Alicorn? A: Dear Quintesson Queryist,. The Allicons are their own sub-species of Transformer, built by the Quintessons, similar to the Sharkticons.

I am aware of no non-Allicon who shares an alt mode with them. The Multiverse is a many-splendored thing, and Cybertronians as a race are nothing if not adaptable. I take great pleasure, and indeed pride, in noting how varied we are throughout the cosmos and beyond. Organic Cybertronians, modular Cybertronians, Cybertronians binary-bonded to other Cybertronians, Cybertronians binary-bonded to organic life, Cybertronians with organic shells, Cybertronians who combine their sparks with other Cybertronians, Cybertronians who can split their sparks in twain, Cybertronians who become cities, or insects, or starships, or even planets Is Sandra in the Primax cluster?

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Is it that universe's version of Earth? A: Dear Alternate Universe Aficionado,. Technically I suppose Rhinox would classify it as such, though only because it was visited from the Autobots of Primax Before that, it seemed to be a universe outside of the multiverse that beings such as myself and the Alternity normally have dominion over. Who is the bot on the cover of G. Joe vs. That menacing titan is Ragnarok, Destroyer of Worlds. His presence would have proved overwhelming to the time-displaced humans, so I, or perhaps it was the Alternity, or a being such as Heinrad, shunted him into a parallel stream, Primax Thus were the human crusaders empowered to complete their task and, ultimately, the fissures in the chronal structures of that reality allowed to mend with a minimum of interference.

I have never met such a being, though the name sounds familiar Cybertron's chief dishwasher, perhaps? Did the multiverse have its origins in Primax And if so, what does this mean for the relationship between the Thirteen that hail from this stream and the other corners of the multiverse? A: Dear Genesis Guy,.

To the best of my knowledge, when Perceptor tampered with the paradox locks on Brainstorm's time machine, it had a profound impact on the celestial mechanics Prior to its use, that reality was deterministic in nature. There were no offshoot realities. Now, though, that no longer appears to be the case. I will offer a caveat, though, which is that if that event DID spawn the Multiverse, it did so with the Multiverse fully formed Do the humans in Robotix count as Headmasters?

A: Dear Xobitor Xenophile,. No, they do not generally transform into the heads of the Protectons or Terrakors. However, I would characterize their relationship as one of binary bonding. A: Dear Singularity Stalker,. The answer to that question is more complicated than you imagine. As you know, "singularity" can be a bit of a misnomer. Different universe streams have different fundamental constants, meaning they behave by different rules.

The Uniend Cluster, for example, was long separated from the rest of the Multiverse by some kind of cosmic proto-barrier. That changed recently, which has resulted in the Uniend Thirteen and the Thirteen from the portions of the Multiverse hospitable to Singularities to begin to blend their perceptions. For beings such as myself, it can be a confusing time, as I assimilate new memories and histories and mythologies and futures. The process is not yet complete, so beings with a truly Multiversal perspective may well notice inconsistencies.

Additionally, I have a premonition that the process will not get a chance to fully run its course. Why that might be is a mystery even to one such as I. Is there a universe with just the Superpowered humans from Transformers? A: Dear Solo Superhero Student,. A universe with just superpowered humans?

No stars or planets? They would need some mighty powers indeed to survive the cosmic void. I have heard whisperings in many universal clusters, including Primax, Malgus and Lukas, of a mysterious wanderer in the fourth dimension known as "The Doctor". Have you ever encountered this individual, and could you shed some light on his true identity and origin? A: Dear Temporal Tamperer,. I, too, have heard these whisperings, though I have never encountered such a being. The closest has been the organic time traveler Natasha Pyraniac, who caused some damage in the Malgus Cluster.

I suspect that The Doctor hails from outside the Multiverse, from the greater Omniverse, and only occasionally can his agency be felt in the sphere of influence of one such as myself. Is Sentinel Major, from Primax A: Dear Prime Pal,. There are two Sentinel Majors from that cluster. The first was a slave of the Quintessons, and eventually became a Matrix bearer and took on the mantle of Prime. The second, millions of years later, was named for the first. Interestingly, the second has a Multiversal analog in the Malgus Cluster who was also at one point named Sentinel Major.

A: Dear Name Naysayer,. Does Rook the Autobot news journalist have any connection to Rook the Protectobot SWAT van - for instance, are they counterparts of one another, or do they simply share names? For that matter, what about Rook, the Cybertronian Empire member who served Jhiaxus, or Sideways's mini-con partner? A: Dear Rook Raker,. Each of those instances are their own being. It's not uncommon for instances of, say, the journalist to exist in the same dimension as the Protectobot.

The one possible exception is Sideways' partner. Given the ties of Planet X to the vestiges of the Cybertronian Empire, it would be reckless to disregard the possibility of some continuity of consciousness between his Combi-Micromaster partner and Jhiaxus' right hand bot. How do Beast Era Cybertronians survive decapitation? A: Dear Cranial Curious,. Only a human would think to ask a question like that. Remember that we Cybertronians do not have the same anatomy as you do.

While the human brain will die if it goes without nitrogen for more than a few days, we Cybertronians have brains made of circuitry that is considerably more robust. Additionally, most of our cranial units have their own battery back-up, meaning that some of us can not only survive decapitation, but continue to function in a limited capacity. What universal cluster do the Dinobots come from? A: Dear Dinobot Dynamo,. Why does there seem to be no Primus in the Malgus cluster, I thought he existed in all clusters? A: Dear Primus Pal,.

I am not sure where you came to have that idea. While Primus is indeed usually the embodiment of my people's hopes and dreams, typically made manifest as the planet Cybertron, that is certainly not always the case. Different reality streams have different basic building blocks of physics. In the Malgus Cluster, for example, the non-linear WY-att pulse function generates interference waves in the 8.

I believe that it is this constant that precluded the existence of Primus and other Multiuniversal Singularities. At least, for extended periods of time. I could pop in for a bit if necessary without creating a branched non-singularity self, in all probability. A: Dear Lost Leader Looker,. If their positions amongst their factions were known to the TransTech, they would not be allowed in. However, Gargent and Xobitor are both sparsely mapped, ill-understood realms, and thus there is a strong possibility that these beings would not be recognized as the leaders they are.

If you had to take on an organic beast mode, what would you select? A: Dear Organic Organizer,. Why are you allowed into Axiom Nexus if your name is Vector Prime? And why do they spend so much time exploring the multiverse if they can just ask you? A: Dear Axiom Alliance Inquisitor,. The answer to both questions is one-and-the-same. They consider me to be a harmless crackpot, millions of stellar cycles into senility. They venerate me for my age and experience and wisdom, but discount many of the specifics of what I say as harmless, self-contradictory babble, full of demonstrably untrue assertions and blatantly erroneous facts.

This does not bother me. Indeed, I have engineered the situation consciously. Knowledge handed to a species is not as valuable as knowledge gleaned from hard work and experience. Occasionally one of their researchers has had an inkling of the true depth of my being; in such instances, I am quick to play the fool and soon enough they have returned to the more challenging but more rewarding task of unearthing universal truths for themselves.

Megatronus, in his shame, goes by many names. You may know him best as The Fallen. Interesting that in both the Gargent and the Tyran clusters, my tragic brother was drawn to your Pyramids. What reality does the Dinobot combiner the Beast hail from?

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Has it been destroyed? A: Dear Savage Supplicant,. Following The Beast's rampage, so many on both sides of the war were damaged or destroyed that, when Unicron inevitably appeared, Cybertron's defense was pitifully inadequate. Though Unicron was driven off, he was able to inflict a fatal wound to Primus' slumbering form. Reality-quakes devastated the cosmos as the basic quantum sub-structure of the universe painfully de-cohered. By the time the remnants of this dimension were consumed by Hytherion, it could only be considered a mercy, and thus did beings such as myself remain uninvolved.

What makes Starscream so treacherous? A: Dear Psychological Perusal Person,. That is one of the great debates among my kind. Not just Starscream, of course, but all of us. Polarity or Programming, the debate is often expressed as. Was he protoformed with his personality already indelibly stamped on his being, or did his experiences mold him thusly? I suspect that it is some combination of the two.

A: Dear Existential Egghead,. It has been known to happen. Why, in one Gargent micro-stream, I believe manifested as a coloring book in the Quadwal cluster, the future branching adventures of the Guardians and Renegades featured the repeated slaying and humiliation of a 'borg that looked suspiciously like Megatron. I don't know as if I have a single arch nemesis. Certainly in my role as guardian of time and space, my most frequent opponent is Unicron, but he often seems barely aware of my existence.

Sideways is, of course, a frequent morpho-thorn in my side. I once had a series of memorable encounters with Gigatron--the one hailing from Primax Though, come to think of it, the Gigatron hailing from Primax Do you have a particular favorite incarnation of Optimus Prime? A: Dear Favorite Friend,. Each incarnation of Optimus and Bumblebee is special in their own way, and of course there are countless variants I have never even observed, much less interacted with. I will admit that the Optimus I fought besides in Aurex As to Decepticons, I do not generally enjoy their company, as they tend to be enemies of peace and life.

The versions in Axiom Nexus seem less so, but some part of my spark still holds doubts. Are there any Transformers that have food as an alt mode? A: Dear Gustatory Gourmand,. I suppose that depends on your perspective. Stampy, for instance, transforms into a rabbit, which I am told many humans enjoy in a stew. If you could have someone join you on your travels and they would be perfectly find with it who would it be? A: Dear Companionable Character,. It would be nice for us to reprise our time together.

Upon further reflection, it might be pleasant to travel with a human of some stripe. Adolescent humans certainly have a unique perspective on the happenings of the seemingly interminable Cybertronian wars that plague the cosmos. Of course, I'd have to be able to see to their needs adequately, making sure they have plenty of hot boron to drink, adequately prepared horizontal surfaces of the appropriate viscosity for their sleep cycles, at least 7. It is possible that my alternate mode could be retooled to accommodate such needs. Perhaps I should stop by Swindle, Swindle, and Swindle and investigate the time and resource requirements for such modifications.

Thus, there are millions and millions of Mutants throughout the Multiverse. Will we be seeing toys of the D. A: Dear Impudent Instigator,. I am the guardian of time and space. I would think you could afford to address me with a certain amount of respect. Why, I am twice as old as the very planet that you stand upon! Such familiarity seems flippant at best and contemptuous at worst. How did the Multiforce get back to after being transported back to before Mt. Saint Hilary erupted in by the dimensional shock wave?

A: Dear Multiforce Man,. Oh ho, that dimensional shock wave was quite pesky, let me tell you. I believe it originated in Primax Messy indeed. The resulting timestorm swallowed planets whole and eventually fractured that timeline. In any event, the Multiforce got back to the old-fashioned way Their adventures, exploring the Skomiloch Territories and clashing with the Predators, prepared them well to garrison the Vega Sector and eventually stop the Praetorian from using the corrupted Reconfiguration Matrix to rewrite all robotic life in that part of space into a mindless Scrapmetal horde loyal only to himself.

Thor is not a Cybertronian, though he does sometimes pilot a mech built by Tony Stark utilizing our technology. Are the rock creatures from Robotix the Rock Lords of that universe? A: Dear Rocky Rascal,. A Unicron Cultist has recently moved in where I live. Normally I'm all for religious freedom, but he keeps coming to my house to pass out fliers about his "great devourer" and "the faithful will be consumed last" and screams "DEATH" when I close the door. Should I just accept him as is or try and stop him from trying to convert others?

A: Dear Torn Theologian,. An Acolyte of Unicron in your vicinity is no small matter. He seeks to bring about the end of days, and reveres one of the greatest monsters in the history of the Multiverse. Worse, simply by assuming the visage and appellation of the Chaos Bringer, this reckless cleric risks attracting the attention of the Devourer of Worlds or even merging with the Singularity itself. I would recommend you report his presence to the local Autobot authorities so that he can be dealt with swiftly. Why did Predaking have an organic brain in Zone? A: Dear Mindful Man,.

Are you sure? The only beings I am aware of who utilize organic brains to house their Sparks are from the Gargent Cluster, but Predaking isn't one of those. Though perhaps The Violent Chigger resurrected him using Gobotic technology? But where would he have gotten it? Perhaps their infiltration of our realities is deeper than I at first realized. A: Dear Phrase Parser,. That was the name of a smash hit by The Knights of Unicron. Oddly, in some realities, Shockwave is quite the, ahem, "metal head.

What is the name of the Piano Transformer from the Marvel Transformers comics? A: Dear Keyboard Killer,. In some realities, he downsized when energon became scarce and became a Predacon, fighting alongside the reality-displaced cyborg Scales. A: I believe in universal streams where English is the language Cybertronians primarily utilize to communicate with humans, she goes by Rage. But, in short, yes, the Multiverse is a big place and she is not the only cnidaria in existence.

I am reminded of Aurex Some three centuries after the events of the Unicron Singularity threatened this reality, the conflict betwixt Autobot and Decepticon had evolved into the contest of Maximal and Predacon. Each planet in this sphere hosted their own conflict. Because I am starting to understand how humans think, I will preempt the inevitable follow-up questions and let you know of the other conflicts in this realm.

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On the Iron Planet, the conflict was known as the War of the Mines. The Predacons assumed the forms of motile fungus and the Maximals, burrowing monsters such as purple worms, umber hulks, ankhegs, even xorn. On the Blizzard Planet, the Ice Age War was fought, and the combatants adopted the forms of mega-fauna. The Data War was fought on the Circuit Planet, with varying species of mechamorph providing the templates adopted by the Cybertronians.

And, on the Plains Planet, the Dust War was fought, with Maximal creatures of earth, wind, and fire against Predacon oni, tengu, kappa, and the like. All of these conflicts, collectively, were known as the Beast Wars, which came to a head on Planet Q. There was a bit of a time-paradox, the Alternity decided to get involved In any event, ummm Scads of them. Given that Primus is infinite, and that the universe is also infinite A: Dear Conundrum Cracker,. No, thank you. Though some Transformers can process complicated organic molecules and turn them into energon, I am not among them.

Also, I just ate. In at least one Primax universe Cybertron underwent an event called the "Great Reformatting" after the fall of the Vehicon army. I'm sure you're aware of the details, but if I may be so bold as to ask, were you there? I shudder to think of the untold damage the Decepto-Packs wrought to Primax In response to the success the Autobots garnered with their S. Arkeville's Hypno-Chip Initiative.

Humans were reprogrammed to the Decepticon cause, and given quasi-sentient Decepto-Packs to augment their own rather limited capacities. Armies of brainwashed homo sapiens marched across continents, creating additional Stroboscopic Opticon facilities and, of course, Decepto-Pack production compounds. The Autobots were, generally speaking, unwilling to fire on the enthralled masses, and thus scores of them fell to the advance. The S. It proved too little, too late. Galvatron, from his Decepticon Powerbase in New York City, successfully provoked a nuclear strike from the tattered remnants of the human nations, enabling him to collect enough energon to direct his vast army of slaves to construct an army of fearsome Zod drones, which he unleashed across that unfortunate reality.

System after system fell to his relentless onslaught, and the galaxy looked poised to fall under a Decepticon bootstrut forever. Their vast Terrorcon hordes met the Zod fleet in battle, and the stars themselves trembled. Civilization after civilization were mere collateral damage, brushed aside by the hands of angry gods struggling for the future of an entire reality.

Even this gargantuan action might not have been enough to thwart the Mad Emperor, had it not been for the actions of Ratchet, by then simply called The Autobot. The last Autobot left alive on Earth, perhaps anywhere, he and a few cybernetically-enhanced humans, the Dreadnoks, snuck aboard Galvatron's flagship, the Galvaberg II, in a desperate guerrilla action. At the cost of their own lives, they disrupted Galvatron when he was at his most vulnerable, as he transitioned his bloated, gargantuan spark into what was once Cybertron and what was to become Grand Galvatron, a planet-sized body from which he could sweep away the Quintessons who dared defy him.

Thus did the Deranged Titan expire. The leaderless Decepticons continued to war with the Quintessons for centuries. War ravaged the galaxy. What was left of humanity attempted to rebuild, only to find that the Galactic Council, representing a universe shattered and broken, held Earth responsible for the Decepticon onslaught. I could go on, but it would be pointless.

This reality continues to exist, but it is not a place that I would ever voluntarily visit. If you hear the faintest inkling of them in your reality, take immediate, ardent action. Alpha Quintesson is, of course, a Quintesson. The Terrorcons are not Quintessons themselves, though they are the semi-sparked minions of them, much as the Sharkticons or Allicons of the Primax cluster are. Are there any Cybertronians that turn into a fungi? A: Dear Amusement Achiever,. I find that, if you give him barrel or two of oil to down, Ratchet can turn into quite a fun guy to be around. Not his usual grumpy self at all.

I find that it is important to know how to relax. Where was the Planet X we saw in the Cybertron cartoon from? A: Dear Fearsome Fact Finder,. I shudder at the mention of Planet X. Though in a different reality this planet was a tranquil producer of energy pods, in Aurex The Planet X I would come to dread originally hailed from Primax Sadly, the Cybertronian Empire colonized and Mechaformed it. Though a species of local insects which devoured metal provided some token resistance, ultimately it fell to Jhiaxus' onslaught.

When the perverted Cybertronian Empire fell and the Liege Maximo's incipient godhood was thwarted, this world provided a fall-back point to the shattered remnants of his forces. Under the command of Liege Centuro Firecrest, the planet was fortified and cloaked. The Veteran and his forces never stopped searching, and Planet X eventually fled its home reality for greener pastures.

For a time it existed in a small pocket universe, and the scourge of the Cybertronian Empire was again known. The inhabitants fought back, scorching their entire reality rather than allow themselves to be slaves of Planet X. With all energy and life fading, the denizens of Planet X again sought to shift realities. Their resources were limited, and the method they employed thoroughly shattered the entire reality they left behind, leaving the inhospitable X Dimension.

Thus did it come to war with Gigantion and did it, finally, meet its end. Is the giant purple griffin from the original Transformers cartoon named Pickles? A: Dear Griffin Guy,. When I interviewed the Minister of Higher Dimensional Sciences see citation at the end of this question , I could not help but notice a stark similarity in his and your voices. And with Rhinox's universal stream imager now being tied to Heinrad's temporal powers, he himself is working towards becoming his own master of time and space.

Are you and Rhinox somehow of the same origins? How alarmed should the citizens of Axiom Nexus be if your are? What are yours and Rhinox's true motives? It is surprisingly rare for Cybertronians to keep mechanimals as companions, though it does happen. Soundwave and Blaster's menagerie, for instance, might qualify, as might the mutant Insecticon known as Bob. Curiously, in universes where nucleon removes the ability of large number of Cybertronians to transform, the custom is much more common. Perhaps spending time with a beast able to convert fills some important psychological need. I myself have never had a pet.

Though it might help fill the loneliness, invariably the difference in our projected lifespans would subject me to grief and loss. It can be hard enough connecting with organic life or even ordinary, short-lived by my reckoning Cybertronians. The "Twilight's Last Gleaming" timeline of Tyran Tyran As was writ in The Covenant of Primus, Datatrax What other sort of dimensions and realities exist outside of the Multiverse? What are they like, and who resides there?

A: Dear Omniversal Ontologist,. Imagine the strangest inhabited universe you can conceive of, places where gravity operates linearly and electromagnetism by the inverse cubed rule and topology has 13 basic dimensions instead of How alien it must be. Then ponder the wildest universes those beings could articulate. Then realize that even these musings fail to capture the uncountable infinities that exist in the Omniverse. Arcee is a courageous Autobot warrior, and Flamewar is a treacherous Decepticon. There is simply no comparison between them.

Do you think the Megatron of Primax A: Dear Optimistically Minded Man,. Only time will tell. I fear that, after millions of years of brutality, even if his desire for reform is truly genuine it will prove a path most difficult to tread. What is the name of Omega Supreme's Headmaster? He's a Mini-Con, right? What about Omega Sentinel? A: Dear Supreme Synaptic Student,. If so, then his Headmaster companion is called, simply, Omega. He would be considered a Mini-Con in the Aurex Cluster, though elsewhere he would be called a Micromaster or possibly a Cyberdroid.

Omega Supreme is the foremost of the Omega Sentinels. There are dozens more, though they are not as individualistic as the Omega Supreme. Each binary-bonded companion is known simply as Guardian. Have humans often found their way to Axiom Nexus? What typically happens to them if and when they arrive there? It is incredibly rare for a human--indeed, any organic life form--to find their way to Axiom Nexus. The trans-reality scanning matrix is generally attenuated to the unique energies of our Sparks, and so non-Cybertronians are essentially never pulled here, even if cast adrift in the Multiverse.

Perhaps there is some other agency that deals with such beings. The few organic beings who do somehow travel to the Cybertron of Axiom Nexus are generally bounced back to their home reality, or a compatible one in the unlikely event that their dimension cannot be reached. The facilities to attend to their physiology just don't exist on the planet, nor are their beings with the expertise to cater to such exotic organic needs as "food" and "air" and "waste disposal. The few organic beings who reside within Axiom Nexus generally arrived already binary bonded to a Cybertronian and usually have had their superstructure altered to be more robust, or otherwise carry with them the tools necessary to survive in our somewhat inhospitable environment.

If you were a Pretender what would your Pretender shell human form look like? A: Dear Visage Visier,. Where are all these Lambda universes coming from? Are you able to keep up with them all? A: Dear Lambda Liker,. Lambda universes tend to be offshoot realities, splinter timelines, micro-variant distributaries, and the like. Often enough they sputter into existence, flare brightly, and then realign with their primary. It's rare for a Lambda universe to have a lasting impact on the Multiverse. I have also noticed that Lambda universes seem significantly more likely to brush with the greater Omniverse.

Even for one such as I, my attention can only be split in a finite number of ways. With Lambda universes, I tend not to even try to keep track, as it's rare for a Multiversal threat to arise from such places. A: Dear Multi-Dimensional Muckraker,. Time moves at different rates throughout the Multiverse. There are countless threats to the Multiverse, and the instant in which they are perceived varies from stream to stream.

Rest assured, the Autobots of the Alternity and of Cloud World were not idle during the events of the Universe War, dealing with threats undreamed of by humanity. Have you not wondered why the Hytherion did not consume more worlds bereft of protectors and suffering from quantum decay due to the crudity of Unicron's predatory machinations? The TransTech, on the other hand, did observe some unusual trans-dimensional activity during this time, but, as was their wont, were content with cataloging the anomalies. They were never aware of the true extent of the danger.

Is Planet X truly the body of Unicron? If so, is that Unicron a Multiversal Singularity? A: Dear Extreme Erudite Explorer,. Sometimes it is. The Planet X that menaced Aurex At the outskirts of the human solar system, an undetected Tenth Planet, Unicron attempted to repair himself, a process that would have taken thousands of stellar cycles under the best of circumstances. But existing in a binary end-state universe, where that realities' Megatrons often successfully activated a Star Harvester, put a tortuous amount of strain on quasi-dormant quantum processors.

His comatose form resurrected many of the Cybertronians he had previously consumed in an attempt to bolster his repair capabilities, and they dubbed their planet Planet X. Utilizing the amazing capacity of their world, they transited to Primax They were thwarted, naturally, by the Autobots of that realm, and with the power of Zodiac energy the taint of Unicron driven from that reality, splitting the planet in twain.

One half remained behind, a virtual paradise. The other was shunted to Aurex Do you know what Nightscream and Botanica looked like before Beast Machines? Have you ever had to fight a Cataclysm, like the one that nearly consumed the Gargent cluster? A: Dear Cosmic Crusader,. Though I am not fated to intervene in every Multiversal threat, I have had roles to play, major and minor, in preventing such catastrophes for billions of years. Often we succeed, and there is much cause for celebration; tragically, we sometimes fail, and realities, sometimes entire rivers of them, are consumed or shattered or obviated or forcibly unified.

Where is Aquarius's dimensionally displaced associate "Dorothy" from? A: Dear Hippie Hanger-on,. I believe Dr. Since reverse-pretender technology exists, is it possible for reverse-Mega Pretender, reverse-Ultra Pretender, reverse-Pretender Vehicle, and reverse-Double Pretender technology to exist? A: Dear Reverse-Pretender Reader,. All things are possible. If a human can disguise themselves as a Cybertronian, why not a Cybertronian within a Cybertronian?

Though I am having a difficult time visualizing what a Reverse-Pretender Vehicle might look like, as my understanding is that Reverse-Pretenders are fully capable of transforming from primary to secondary configurations. What universe did the Transformers who ran the letters column of the Marvel UK Transformers comics come from? A: Dear Fourth-Wall Fanatic,. A very strange place, its boundary with Quadwal Why are some universes affected by time travel while others have always happened that way?

A: Dear Fourth-Dimensional Fan,. I believe you are asking about determinism, no? Different parts of the Multiverse have different rules. Indeed, go far enough and realms become entirely alien, such as the home of the Flaternity, the Dead Universe, the realms of the Elder Gods, and even more bizarre meta-cosmic locals. Do the Covenant predate the Thirteen in all realities? Are they Multiversal Singularities as well? What more can you tell us about the proto-Transformers known as the Covenant? A: Dear Archaeologist of Ancient Autobots,. The Covenant were old when I was young, and stars have been born and lived and died since I was young.

I remember the Liege Maximo spinning yarns of their exploits too fantastical to be true, to wonderful to be false. How my brother might have come to possess this forbidden knowledge is a mystery, but then, the Liege Maximo was full of secrets and ever-questing. I cannot answer your questions definitively. The Covenant do not seem to exist in all, indeed most, realities. I believe they may well be Multiversal Singularities, albeit extremely limited ones.

On the other hand, they may simply be archetypes so profound as to be duplicated across several realities nearly unaltered, an extreme example of trans-dimensional harmonic resonance. I remember tales of their creation on Methusula's moon, Protos, the template for what would much later become Cybertron. They were created immediately before, or perhaps immediately after, Primon, and the twelve-and-the-one were the templates upon which The Thirteen were created.

Or, perhaps, the Covenant and Primon ARE The Thirteen, are us, in a different guise, having walked a different path, partially divorced from our singular nature and yet still attenuated to us. Such things are more common than you think; observe that Methusula and Protos served as the laboratory for Primacron and his assistant in both Primax Surely not a coincidence. Regardless, they are tireless sentinels, awaiting Point Omega for the good of us all, or so the stories went. And perhaps that is all they were, in the end, a fanciful tale from my brother to amuse and enthrall and perhaps manipulate us.

In the show Ben 10, the bounty hunter Khyber has weapons that clearly belong to the Lockdown and Grimlock of the Malgus cluster. Is it possible that there are Cybertronians in the world of Ben 10 Omniverse, or even that Ben 10 takes place in the Malgus cluster? A: Dear Hero Handler,. Benjamin Kirby Tennyson, and of course the menagerie of alien forms his Omnitrix give him access to, is indeed a mighty hero, so mighty that I am aware of his exploits even though he resides outside of the Multiverse. I suspected that a Malgus Cluster stream drifted close to his native dimension, allowing Khyber to collect Cybertronian trophies.

This reality bleed may explain why some species and musical ensembles native to Ben 10's universe can occasionally be found inside the Multiverse. Of course, Ben 10 himself has been known to jump realities, so perhaps this Khyber fellow has similar trans-dimensional tendencies. A: Dear Monster Mashup Master,. A: Dear Chaotic Chap,. You seem to have quite a distaste for Decepticons. However, in some clusters, such as Primax Taking this into account, can you really dismiss all the myriad incarnations of the Decepticon movement?

A: Dear Naive Natterer,. Everyone is the hero of their own story. Everyone has noble intentions. I judge a bot based on their actions and their outcomes, not based on ancient goals. Unintended consequences are the maxim of this life; one cannot attempt to direct the lives of others without setting off an avalanche of cascading impacts. That is why the Autobot creed, "freedom is the right of all sentient beings," is so much more resonant than the Decepticon philosophy of "peace through tyranny.

Freedom for all is the highest possible maxim. Freedom to worship, to speak, to investigate, to gather, to petition, to defend, to be secure in body and in mind, to own and dispose of property, to be treated equally under the optics of the law. And, ultimately, none of that is compatible with the Decepticon ideology. All despots think that they know best for the populations they control, know better than each of the multitudinous teeming foolish short-sighted 'bots in their domain.

But, in the long run, they are wrong, their regimes are brittle and tyrannical and visit more horrors on their population than any amount of freedom ever does. What can you tell me about the giant Decepticon soldier who attacked a bunch of Micromasters? A: Dear Bruiser Barker,. That dangerous behemoth is called Zarak Maximus.

His rampage against the peaceful planet Zone, was unprovoked, though thankfully swiftly repulsed. You are wrong to call him a Decepticon; he identifies with neither faction, at least in the reality you specify. In his reality, the Nebulans successfully repulsed the incursion to their world. Decades after the short-lived conflict, an ambitious Peer named Mortilus Zarak remembered the conflict of his youth when a scandal forced him from office. He arranged a junket to the remote Arvassian mountain range, where the remains of the extra-Nebulan invaders were stored, and took the bodies of the several combatants back to an industrial facility owned by a compatriot, Grax.

Though each was, separately, savaged beyond repair, with the ingenuity of the scientists Vorath and Hi-Test, they were fused together into one mighty, gargantuan being. They devised a process whereby Mortilus could be bound to the creature, and called it binary-bonding. At first, it seemed that he had devised a mighty weapon for himself, but in time being connected to the faint after-sparks of Scorponok and Fortress Maximus proved too much for his organic brain, and he fell into madness.

A faint glimmer of the man inside recoiled when his actions imperiled the safety of his daughter, Llyra, and his infant grandson, Olin, and he abandoned the planet forever. Zarak Maximus, torn between the egos of a Nebulan, an Autobot, and a Decepticon, wandered the galaxy in despair. When he encountered the Bio Ranger, Iga, the latter saw an opportunity and seized it, convincing the wayward hybrid that Micropolis, a city where Autobot and Decepticon Micromasters lived in peace, possessed the means to quiet the voices in his head through Zodiac Energon.

And thus did the battle you speak of come to pass. But I suspect I've already rambled for far too long. Xal is a mythical trickster. Some say he was the first Seeker. Some say he is merely another name for the Liege Maximo. Some say he came to Cybertron from beyond the Multiverse.

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Some say he is nothing more than a tall tale, told by Cybertronians who looked up to the night sky for answers. Whomever or whatever Xal is, I have never encountered him. Who is the vilest villain you have ever had to face, aside from Unicron or Megatronus? A: Dear Villain Investigator,. The machinations of the Liege Maximo and Logos Prime were dangerous beyond measure, but I wouldn't characterize either as vile.

Perhaps tragic would be the better word. The Hytherion is a titanic presence, perilous in the extreme, but it acts without malice, a force of nature. True evil takes myriad forms across the chasms of time and reality, from the nightmarish experiments of the twisted Dr.

Herman Manglar, to the demoniac rainbow of the planeswalker Tirac, to the eldritch influence of the serpentine Koh-Buru-Lah! Untold and unspeakable are the horrors that I have witnessed, that I have sought to alleviate or to end! Yet even among the rhythms of darkness that reverberate through through cosmic harmony, but few are more vile than the Decepticon named "Horri-Bull. Be always vigilant in cleanliness, for it is truly next to Primusness.

Do Cybertronian martial arts disciplines have recognizable counterparts on Earth? A: Dear Combat Critic,. You may find it hard to believe, but I am not an expert on Earth customs. It seems possible that some form of analogous arts exist between the two worlds. Jet Judo is a good example Aeronautic Acrobatics perhaps?

Or Plane Punching? A: Dear Continuity Contender,. It is a fascinating tangent reality where the Code of Competition dictates all; while it seems strange, to me, when I am not currently within the realm and subject to its mandates, I cannot help but observe that if all universes settled their differences through racing, the multiverse would be a more peaceful place.

However, the phraseology of your question indicates faulty logic. Something can exist as its own stream and also be part of another. I am familiar with the Star Wars, yes. A generational conflict fought by heroes and villains with Cybertronian-style mecha that convert to starships, armored ground vehicles, and the like. Their conflict was in the Lukas Cluster, notable for how thin the barrier is between their streams and other parts of the Omniverse. Do the G. Joe episodes Worlds Without End take place in a negative polarity stream? Is it a part of the Transformers multiverse?

Aeon's End Legacy - Playthrough - slickerdrips

A: Dear Splinter-Timeline Student,. Megatron saw a planet rich with energon, ripe for plunder; he was wrong. The Cobra-dominated Earth proved too resourceful for him; the MASS Device, the weapon that had conquered the globe, enabled instantaneous transmat of Cobra forces to the site of any Decepticon incursion. Their newest weapon, a Weather Dominator, enabled the humans to harness the entire troposphere against Megatron's aggression.

Initially, Optimus Prime sought to help the humans repulse the Decepticons, but he soon discovered the noxious character of the human governing institutions. Some Autobots wished to help the underground resistance forces overthrow their oppressors, but Optimus insisted that interference in another race's affairs was anathema to the Autobot way. They went into hiding and, slowly, patiently, gathered enough energon to fuel a ship and depart into the void. Megatron was more stubborn, more foolish.

He eked out a few victories here and there, but lost more than he won.